White-Collar Jobs Are Being Outsourced

With the COVID-19 pandemic, people began to witness the adoption and increase of working remotely. Economists believe this new remote-work revolution has the potential to greatly disrupt the job market. Richard Baldwin, an economist at the Graduate Institute in Geneva, warns remote, white-collar workers. He states that if their jobs can be done remotely, then […]

Why Top Architecture Firms are Choosing BizForce

Many architecture firms are experiencing a huge bottleneck when it comes to getting a project moved to the construction phase. For example, one of the biggest pain points we hear at BizForce among our architecture clients is finding and retaining top talent at a reasonable expense. Another is finding experienced draftsmen and architects to complete […]

Healthcare BPO Predicted to Greatly Increase in Coming Years

Business process outsourcing (BPO) for the medical industry helps healthcare companies become more cost- efficient. BPO in the healthcare sector is growing and predicted to prosper. In spite of the COVID- 19 pandemic, reports show upward trends. Medical costs are continuously rising. As a result, providers are always searching for ways to reduce these costs. […]

Motivation Tips for Your Outsourced Team

Outsourcing is an easy way for companies to save while increasing efficiency. It allows for skilled employees to aid in the development of many company projects. These skilled employees may specialize in IT, accounting, project management, marketing, and more. Outsourcing also permits these workers to work remotely. As a result, they are granted the flexibility […]