Gen Z and Millennials’ Priorities Have Large Effect on the Workplace

Gen Z and millennials have a different perspective when it comes to selecting an employer. In addition to flexible hours and a positive work environment, they also prioritize working for a company that reflects their personal beliefs. These changes in priorities have had a large effect on the workplace. 

Prioritizing Happiness When Selecting an Employer

A recent study surveyed 35,000 workers. The study showed that almost half of the workers would choose to be jobless over having to work for a company that does not align with their values. Additionally, the survey found that happiness is the most important factor when selecting an employer. Some would take a lower salary job if it allowed them to have a greater, more impactful effect on society.

Additionally, diversity and inclusion is important for Gen Z. Almost half of the generation would not work for a company in which diversity does not take priority. 

Effect on the Workplace

The changing priorities of the younger generation has a great effect on several aspects of the workplace. Several companies have had a difficult time attracting the younger generation to their job openings.

If companies do not begin to notice new trends in priorities and alter their positions in favor of them, employers could begin to see an employee shortage and increase in competition. Younger people do not want to have to compromise their beliefs in order to work for a company with differing values.

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Yahoo! Gen Z and millennials are disrupting the workplace as they’re choosing to be jobless rather than work for a company they don’t like. Yahoo! From