Motivation Tips for Your Outsourced Team

Outsourcing is an easy way for companies to save while increasing efficiency. It allows for skilled employees to aid in the development of many company projects. These skilled employees may specialize in IT, accounting, project management, marketing, and more. Outsourcing also permits these workers to work remotely. As a result, they are granted the flexibility to plan their work schedule around their daily life schedule, so long as deadlines are met and work is completed. Although having an outsourced team is very beneficial, there are a few complications. These include of lack of control, lack of connection, procrastination, and, most importantly, lack of motivation. Fortunately, there are several steps an employer can take to boost motivation, which will ultimately help with the other complications as well.

Emphasize Collaboration Opportunities

When workers are assigned a project, they may start very eagerly. However, enthusiasm and quality of work may decrease with time. A simple solution to this issue would be to emphasize collaboration opportunities.

In order to keep the team motivated, an employer should stress the importance of the project. Offer the opportunity of becoming long- term collaborators to employees as a reward for good work. Lastly, bump up salaries and hourly wages as employees show progress and produce good content.

Provide Feedback to Your Outsourced Team

If an employer is not satisfied with a team member’s work, believes it could be better, or thinks they misunderstood directions, tell them. Companies should have a feedback system that compliments good work as well as provides reminders when work can be improved upon. The more communication there is, the more employees will feel valued.

Acknowledge the Need for Flexibility

Despite how hard one may work at keeping their outsourced employees engaged, it is crucial to remember the value of flexibility. This could be one of the many reasons they chose to be remote workers instead of office workers. If an employee asks for a day off, say for a religious holiday, allow it. If they ask for a vacation, wish them a good time. Since outsourced employees receive hourly wages, they will not receive pay on these days off. Therefore, it would be unfair to prevent them from taking these free days. But, remind your workers to notify someone about taking time off in advance.

Reward Your Outsourced Team

Increasing an employee’s pay as a reward for great work may be in the employers best interest. Even a slight increase in pay, although small, would be greatly appreciated. Thus, the employee will continue the great work.

Communicate Consistently

Communicating effectively is a good way to make worker’s feel a part of the team. There are many things workers can do to boost communication. First, talk to team members- share goals and challenges with one another. Sending the team frequent messages is also a good idea. Treat the team like people and not just workers. For example, if they call out sick, ask if they are okay. Lastly, if possible, plan a team building outing. This is a good way for team members to create bonds. If you have team members from multiple countries, plan an activity online.

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