Outsourcing Software Development

Hiring or developing a software development team can be a major challenge for businesses. Creating a software development team is one of the most important actions because it can contribute to the growth and success of your business. Outsourcing allows for the employment of qualified professionals at a lower cost, and provides several other benefits for your company.

Decreased Costs

The use of offshoring saves a remarkable amount of money. This is because businesses are able to receive the same quality workers, but at lower wages. For example, Argentina is a popular destination for outsourcing software development. They have a base full of highly skilled employees and have competitive salaries. This allows U.S companies to pay employees at half the cost.

Selecting Argentina as a destination also brings several other benefits, such as the alignment of time zones, similar cultural values, and several employees who are proficient in English. 

Increased Opportunity to Hire Niche Employees

Some positions are more difficult to fill than others and can lead to great challenges for companies. For example, some positions like blockchain and cryptocurrency are very specific and hard to find employees that possess these skills. But, outsourcing helps with that challenge and provides the opportunity to discover developers with the ideal skills. And, even in cases when you are unable to find the right fit, many offshoring agencies work hard towards helping you find the right person. 

Productivity Risk Mitigated

Offshoring also allows for reduced productivity risk. An overwhelming amount of tasks can negatively affect a company’s productivity. With offshoring, you are able to delegate different tasks so that your full time staff can commit all their attention to their specific responsibilities.

Additionally, some companies fear that communication can become a large obstacle when offshoring. But, many outsourcing companies make communication a priority. They adapt to specific processes of your business and use your communication tools.

Ease of Hiring

Expanding a team can come with risks, but offshoring helps avoid many of the potential obstacles that come with growing an in-staff house. For example, when growing an out of house staff, there are several factors that do not need to be taken into consideration, like equipment cost.

Flexibility to Alter Work Hours

With many businesses, work needs can vary from time to time. One week you may need developers for several hours but then scale back on hours the next week. Outsourcing allows for the flexibility of this due to the ease of changing hours.

Depending on the country, there may only be a couple of hours of overlap during the work day. This can become a challenge when communicating. Argentina is only 1-2 hours ahead of Eastern time, which allows for increased collaboration during the work day and ultimately increased project productivity.

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