Architecture Outsourcing Expectations

Architecture outsourcing expectations have shifted as of January 2023, due to smaller funds lacking the capital to construct specialized operational structures.

Benefits of Outsourcing

In order for businesses to compete with industry giants, operationalizing more complex systems through outsourcing can be an effective approach to do it at a more desirable price point. Either a fixed fee or variable cost method can result in significant savings.

Anup Kumar, the executive vice president and head of global services at Line Data, explains that “smaller funds do not have the financial capacity to build an [complex] operational infrastructure.” Kumar has spent about 40 years working in the financial services sector. He has been in charge of the company’s technical services and entire office operations during this time.

Kumar continues by explaining how altering the structure of a smaller company’s expenses might protect it from market instability. As a result, businesses are free to take on new risks without giving practical concerns a second thought.

Future of Architecture Outsourcing

Kumar explains that “The long-term is too hard to predict, but in the short-term, we will see a couple of trends.” The continuous growth in the use of managed services will be one of them. He anticipates that this will happen throughout the investment value chain, with the outsourcing of operations that add value resulting in “progression in terms of the value chain.”

Potential Interest in Technological Changes

Furthermore, Kumar cautions that operational infrastructure modifications need to be carefully considered. Automation is gaining popularity as artificial intelligence and machine learning are increasingly used in business solutions. Although utilizing the cloud to reduce infrastructure weight has the potential to be very beneficial, cybersecurity risks also need to be taken into account. Increasing internet security can save firms money, time, and stress and allows for more efficient services to clients.

Changes to Regulations

Consequently, regulations are always changing, and the demand on firms to adhere to an ever-expanding list of guidelines and specifications “requires investment, time, and effort,” according to Kumar. The service provider handles all of those updates for you using a managed services approach.

All of the growing industry demands point to managed services as a potential answer, which Kumar’s projections confirm. It appears obvious that outsourcing will be the only rational course of action for many, especially in light of the widespread economic uncertainty and instability of recent years.

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