Benefits of Using Reality Capture Software in Architecture

Construction job site monitoring is changing due to innovations like HoloBuilder and the RICOH THETA X camera. Additionally, “reality capture” platforms are being used to improve collaborative processes during and after construction.

Results of the COVID-19 Pandemic

A completely new level of visual access to the construction site was necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The region of possible efficiency gain was not limited to the difficulty and duration of travel to the employment location. AEC professionals had to work from home, limiting their access to job sites. As travel has returned and the pandemic has receded, AEC workflows have continued to be more digitally oriented.

Introduction to New Visual Technology

AEC professionals, in particular architects, engineers, and senior construction experts, needed fresh techniques to keep an eye on the job site’s development under this circumstance. They discovered the answer in a brand-new category of computer programs called “reality capture.”

Because AEC firms benefited so greatly from their deployment, a new family of reality capture software platforms came out and grew quickly during the pandemic years using still picture and video cameras as capture devices, such as the RICOH THETA X 360-degree camera. What exactly do reality capture software platforms perform and what issues do they resolve, then?

What does Reality Capture Software Do?

Reality capture platforms create a “digital twin” of the job site and offer an immersive virtual experience that replicates being there. Because AEC professionals can virtually examine, review, compare, annotate, and take measurements from anywhere they can access the Internet and the software, these technologies, first and foremost, eliminate site trips.

Since these devices let you see through closed walls, ceilings, and floors, they are crucial to AEC professionals since they improve collaboration between all stakeholders when solving problems. They essentially offer a kind of X-ray vision technology for structures.

Implementation of HoloBuilder Platform

HoloBuilder is the top platform for managing construction progress. Users transfer 360-degree pictures from all the rooms and sections of a job site, including the exteriors if requested, into the HoloBuilder application as a reality capture software platform.

The 360-degree photographs are then automatically stitched together by HoloBuilder to create an immersive 3D photographic digital twin that can be explored from room to room and over different time scales for different comparison purposes. Additionally, HoloBuilder can perform a side-by-side visual comparison with a BIM model, which is essential for comparing construction progress to the design intent and for troubleshooting problems that can occur in the field.

The market’s reality capture software platforms usually recommend the well-known 360-degree camera, the RICOH THETA X. It is specifically designed for the AEC sector. HoloBuilder and comparable apps, on the other hand, frequently ingest video, 360-degree photographs, and even 2D photos to capture a construction job site.

The Ideal Camera for Reality Capture

The RICOH THETA X is the greatest camera for 360-degree capture, including video for walk-around work. Many reality capture software firms publish comparison guidelines. These guides often indicate the RICOH THETA cameras as the best performers.

Moreover, RICOH360 Tours is another noteworthy option, which works flawlessly with RICOH’s THETA 360-degree cameras. This application is suited for the AEC and real estate industries, as it offers the most compelling value propositions.

These new technologies are opening doors to outsourcing opportunities for architecture firms. Architecture firms now have the ability to scale their workforces to improve efficiency and accommodate increased workflows.

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